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Post by Medrall on Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:26 am

We are mostly casual players aimed squarely at having fun and laughs together but we also try to play our classes well and achieve some group synthesis. Most of our members have been playing MMO's and other games for more than 10 years.

We usually take part in all game activities: PvE, PvP, crafting, etc. but members are not obligated to anything. Most important to us is a relaxed family atmosphere in groups, guild chat, voice chat and on this message board.


We started in 2007 in Vanguard with a small group of old MMO players who loved doing the various dungeons that Vanguard offers, but were frustrated by the wipes and lack of organisation that PUGs offer most of the time in hard dungeons.

We then tried to experiment with a well-balanced full group of alts who would only play twice a week and only when together. That group started with 1 tank, 1 psi, 2 healers and 2 dps and it worked pretty well. So well that some of us started to lose interest in their other activities and decided to morph this group into a guild and do more things together.

Several members became disillusioned with Vanguard after a while and we moved to other MMOs which we played for quite some time.

Late 2009, we decided to merge with a couple of other guilds we had met along the way to form a new big gaming community that grew rapidly. Some of us missed the family style guild we used to have so in Summer 2013 we decided to revert to something smaller like we had in previous games and rezzed our old guild and forum from its 4 years sleep.


Guild Initiates:
Anyone who is interested in our guild can become an Initiate and will be guilded IG and obtain access to most of our private forums so that s(he) can participate in the guild life. After they have grouped with some of our members for a while and received a positive vote from the majority, the Initiate will become a full Guild Member.

Guild Members:
Normal rank after being accepted in the guild. Guild Members will participate fully in the guild life and decisions. They will have access to all the private sections of the forum where most decisions for the guild are taken with the help of polls. Member rank is also the rank given directly to any friends/family of a guild member.

Inner Council:
The founding members and most members participating a lot in guild activities and who have proved themselves to be really part of the TNV family.



- most decisive decisions in the guild are made by polls of all full guild Members
- votes are posted by an IC member
- all members (including the IC) have a single vote, majority decision decides
- all decisions are subject to possible veto by the Guild Council, though the Council will strive not to interfere in the majority of cases.
- if an IC member is unhappy with the outcome of a vote s(he) may propose a veto within the Council.

Special Case: Ejection
- complaints about another member should be directed to someone in the IC,who will bring the matter up with the Council.
- complaints will be judged case-by-case, we have no set rules for this
- in the case of serious problems, a vote on the matter will be taken by the Council after discussion
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